The Industry

Though we target the Air Conditioning industry as a whole, the purpose of our device is to reduce annual crane expense....

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The Use

We have successfully used its capability for a multitude of jobs.

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In action

Use our EZ-AC Lift to assist with lifting an A/C unit to the roof.
Watch as we explain a little about our up and coming hoist...

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Since 1993


We pride ourselves on our blue collar work; and after being in the Air Conditioning business for more than 30 years, we know exactly what to do in order to work smarter - not harder.

We personally have used our devise hundreds of times to put Air conditioning A/C condensing units on the roofs of condominiums, Strip Centers and shopping malls eliminating the use of a large and bulky crane where many times workability and space requirements often are in issue.

The EZ A/C LIFT will save you time and just as importantly money and is proven to give years of service quickly and confidently - We guarantee it!

Please contact us for any inquiries or business questions at 800-597-5912 or through email at